How to sell Silicon Valley property during the holidays.The holidays are not a usual time to put Silicon Valley property on the market. However, today’s job market is highly mobile, and workers often find that they need to move on short notice at all times of the year. If you find yourself in the position of needing to sell Silicon Valley real estate in the next few months, don’t worry too much. Read our five tips for both a good holiday season and a good house sale.

1. Invest in home staging and professional photography. Many people start a search for a new home online. This is even more true during the holidays. Life is busy, and the days are shorter and colder. Creating a good first impression online will go a long way toward selling your home quickly.

2. If you can go out of town, this is probably a great year to do it. Leave your house immaculate, and let your real estate agent show your Silicon Valley property without hassle.

Decide a Schedule for Showings of Your Silicon Valley Real Estate

3. If you aren’t traveling, sit down and see what’s reasonable for you and your family. Be open with your agent about non-negotiables and where you might have wiggle room.

4. Go ahead and decorate, but keep it low-key. Put up a tree or a few lights, but resist any urges to put up tons of kitschy knick-knacks. Remember that it’s important to pare down on furniture and decorations when showing a house, to make it seem more spacious and open.

5. Consult with your real estate agent about pricing. In general, the holiday market is a sellers’ market. Buyers are motivated and may not have a huge selection. Be sure you know the local market conditions before you settle on a price for your home.

And finally, relax. The holidays add a bit more to juggle when selling a home. However, with a little planning and communication, it’s possible to make this a pretty low-stress transaction.