Read our best staging tips for Silicon Valley real estate.Everyone knows that houses on the Silicon Valley real estate market sell quickly. However, making sure your Silicon Valley home looks its best before putting it on the market can help it to fetch top dollar and give you your pick of buyers. Here are some of our best tips for staging your home.

1. The outside matters. Your front yard, porch, and door are the first things potential buyers see. First impressions are made fast and hard to change, so be sure the front is in great condition. Tidy the lawn, plant fresh flowers, or buy potted or hanging plants. Make sure it’s easy to see the house number from the street and that the porch light illuminates them in the evening.

2. Clean and declutter. Every article on staging says this, and every agent you speak to will say it, too. That’s because a bright, comfortable space is much easier to sell than the opposite. Hire a professional cleaning service that specializes in prepping houses for the market. If you’re not hiring a staging company, take some time to check out interior decorating sites or just study furniture catalogs. Each room should have a clear purpose. They should be easy to move around in, and furniture should be arranged in ways that encourage conversation.

Work on Making Your Silicon Valley Home Seem More Spacious

3. Maximize storage space. This means clearing it out. Closets and cabinets should look spacious. Consider renting a space temporarily to get seasonal decorations, rarely used recreational gear, or other items out. Storage is one of those things you can’t ever have too much of, so make sure yours looks capacious.

4. Keep people exploring the whole house. An interesting piece of art at the top of the stairs or in a hallway will invite people to come look at it. Then they’ll naturally want to check out the rooms around them.

5. Make sure the backyard looks great, too. While you’re sprucing up the plants in the front yard, so the same for the back. Clean off patio furniture or get something fresh. Put on a table cloth and set out some nice picnic dishes to show how pleasant eating outside would be.

If you need help getting Silicon Valley real estate ready to sell, call our office. We have been working in the area for many years, and we’d be happy to advise you on the best changes and updates to make for this market.