Keller Williams Bay Area Estates offers many perks to its agents.Here at Keller Williams Bay Area Estates, we have a lot to offer a real estate agent who wants to start or expand a real estate career in the country’s hottest market. 

1. Experience. Our lead broker, Mario Ramirez, not only has two decades of experience working in the Silicon Valley, he’s also a native of the area. This gives him unique insight into the trends and shifts of the local market. Competition in this market is high, so having an edge like this is vital.

2. Silicon Valley. The Bay Area has an extremely fast-moving market. It’s also expanding quite a bit as people look to the surrounding areas for affordable housing. This means that there is a lot of room for agents to become experts on different areas that interest them.

3. In addition to the above reasons, Keller Williams Bay Area Estates offers all the advantages and tools of Keller Williams. One of the major reasons to join Keller Williams is the culture of the company. The company values its agents as human beings and wants to help them create a life that helps them to thrive, not only in their real estate career but also in their personal life.

Keller Williams Offers Tools and Support to Expand Your Real Estate Career

4. Keller Williams real estate tools. This integrated suite of online tools helps agents with lead generation and follow up. Agents can track their progress, set goals, and see how their daily actions are helping them to meet their goals.

5. Keller Williams mentoring. Agents can choose a real estate mentor who will work with them one on one to help them establish themselves in their market. Mentors offer support and encouragement, as well as lots of experience, to help agents meet and exceed their goals.

6. Training and classes. Keller Williams offers tons of classes and training workshops to their agents. Many are online, so you don’t have to go anywhere to take advantage. However, their multi-day summits provide great opportunities to network, make friends, and be inspired.

7. Profit sharing and a unique commission structure. Keller Williams believes in rewarding its agents, because without them, the business wouldn’t exist at all. So the company gives back to its agents. The commission structure is capped, so once you meet your obligation, you keep 100% of your commissions. No other company in the business works like this.

Learn more about how Keller Williams takes care of its agents. Then get in touch with us to discuss joining our team.