Plant trees on Silicon Valley property.Once you successfully buy your dream Silicon Valley property, you probably start thinking about the kind of work you want to do to it. Having toured plenty of Silicon Valley real estate, you may have big plans for kitchen renovations and master bedroom makeovers. These larger projects may be necessary, but you also might want to wait. Major renovations don’t always have a big impact on increasing the value of the home. If it’s likely you’ll be moving again in the next few years, it doesn’t make a lot of sense to totally customize the kitchen. However, there are a few projects to do immediately, which will give a good return on the investment, whether you’re staying in the house for a few years or for the next several decades.

Energy Efficiency a Good Investment for Silicon Valley Real Estate

First, check out the insulation in the attic. Adding insulation where necessary will help the home’s overall energy efficiency and decrease heating and cooling costs. It’s not a very expensive project, but the returns are high.

Second, plant trees. They not only beautify Silicon Valley real property, they also increase its value. Landscaping is the first thing you see when you come home. Trees, flowers, and other plants make coming home a pleasure. Trees will also provide shade, which increases the energy efficiency of the house.

Finally, if the previous owners left older, inefficient appliances, replace them as soon as you can. Many cities offer significant rebates for new, Energy Star-rated appliances. The newer models will also save you money on utilities.