Understand the Silicon Valley home sale cycle.For too many people, completing a Silicon Valley home sale is an arduous, emotionally-taxing process. This is often because of the false impression created by sites like Zillow and Trulia, because these sites have many listings that are actually off the market. People come to many wrong conclusions:

  • The market is moving too fast
  • We might sell a house, but we’ll never find a new one in time
  • It’s a bad time to buy or sell--we should wait
  • I will never find the right house
  • There are no good houses
  • The only way to get (or sell) a house is to settle, but I don’t want to

While the Internet has democratized information, there’s still no substitute for an agent who understands the Silicon Valley home sale cycle. An agent who is in the field everyday can give a true picture of market conditions that is impossible to get online. When I get a call from a prospective client or go to a meeting, my goal is to clearly communicate what the market is doing. I also work with people to figure out what their housing needs are so they can really work toward fulfilling their dream to live in Silicon Valley.

Once people have better information, it’s time to consider a next step in the cycle. For some people that will be waiting to enter the market. For others, it will mean speaking with a lender. Best of all is when people go on a few home tours. A picture on a website, no matter how professional, simply cannot give the feeling of walking in to the right home.