Visit an early Santa Clara property.Berryessa Adobe is a historic Santa Clara property that has beat the odds and stood the test of time. There were once hundreds of adobe buildings in this area, but now there are only two, and this is the only one still intact. This adobe structure has changed hands many times since it was built in the late 1840’s, but is thankfully now owned by the city. This means that this oldest residential structure in the city can be well taken care of and remain a show piece of early Santa Clara history and the contributions of early Mexican settlers.

Local History Buffs who Live in Santa Clara Enjoy the Collection of Documents

Those who visit this Santa Clara property today will find a museum that contains documents, objects, and artifacts from the time before California became a state until the early 20th century. Admission is free to all visitors. All who live in Santa Clara are invited to stop in anytime between the hours of noon and 2 p.m. on a Thursday or Saturday. This modest structure, measuring just 18’ by 38’, gives an interesting look into Santa Clara’s past. The address for Berryessa Adobe is 373 Jefferson Street. Visit the Berryessa Adobe online to read an in depth history about this property and to plan a visit.