Try wine grown on Saratoga real estate.Spend some time at an amazing piece of Saratoga real estate at Big Basin Vineyards. Founded in 1998 and built on a historic site, it has been the mission of this establishment to restore the vineyard site that was in use from the late 1800’s to 1965. By the time Bradley Brown got his hands on this site, the remnants of the old vineyard were hidden by brush and poison oak bushes. The time this land spent in the hands of a timber company were not kind to the vineyard site or the surrounding forest, but great strides are being taken to return the land to its former glory. Now, the vineyard and olive tree orchards are Certified Organic by CCOF. The rest of the property is being preserved and the hope is that it will someday return to being a primeval old growth forest.

Enjoy Wine Made Near Your Saratoga Home

Enjoy some time away from your Saratoga home visiting Big Basin. The staff are all very knowledgeable and friendly and will take the time to tell you more about the wine and vineyard. Try a tasting flight of five wines for $18. Spend some extra time at this Saratoga real estate enjoying a picnic or a glass of wine on the outdoor patio. Also consider visiting one of the fine restaurants close to the vineyard or checking out more of the vineyards on the Saratoga Wine Trail. Read more about Big Basin Vineyards, their story, and check out the selection of wines.